XRF Chassis Parts Warranty

Please contact us directly to claim a warranty on products you have purchased from American Undercar Inc. Do not contact XRF (USA) Inc.

1,000,000 Mile Limited Warranty

XRF (USA) Inc. will at our discretion replace free of charge any XRF steering or suspension component, which is defective in workmanship or materials for 1,000,000 Miles or for as long as the original purchaser of the component owns the vehicle.

This warranty is limited only to the replacement of defective parts and does not include labor for removal or replacement of the parts or any other direct or indirect expense except in jurisdictions where further warranties are required by law.

These warranties are void if the components are improperly installed or modified or used in an application for which the component was not designed, or used on a vehicle that has been modified from the original equipment manufacturer’s design.

This Limited Warranty does not apply to vehicles that have been modified for, or used in off-road applications, racing or commercial use. On Commercial Vehicle applications, XRF (USA) Inc. will at our discretion replace free of charge any steering or suspension component found to be defective in workmanship or materials for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles ( which ever comes first).

To make a claim under this warranty, the claimed defective part must be returned at your expense to the dealer from whom the part was purchased, accompanied by the original invoice.

All warranty returns are examined by our engineering staff to determine the exact cause of failure.

No other warranty, either expressed or implied, shall apply.

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